Scarborough Hospital 25th-29th of April 2022

RSM were contracted by Scarborough NHS to perform scheduled preventive maintenance services in respect of their critical fuel infrastructure. As part of our annual OFTEC and fuel sample service, RSM discovered and immediately informed the client that their bulk storage tank had failed its annual integrity test, and that the fuel stored within the tank was out of specification for both water and particulate and posed as an immediate risk due to the failings found on the incumbent bulk storage tank.

RSM proposed a major project in the form of decommissioning and removing from site the clients current 30,000 litre fuel tank, and the subsequent installation and commissioning of two new 15,000 litre bunded fuel tanks. Due to access and space on site the RSM team had to ensure that the client had the same capacity of stored fuel available on site whilst also ensuring the tanks were both compliant & installed to feed both generator and boiler applications.

In April 2022 RSM oversaw the management, operational delivery and successfully handed over the delivery of two new bulk storage tanks which feed critical back-up power generators and boilers. The project would involve the safe lifting and crane removal of the incumbent failed storage tank, to make this possible RSM organised the pump out and storage of the 30,000 litres of Class A2 Gasoil which would be stored on site by way of ADR VAC tankers. Once removed RSM then delivered two new bunded and compliant 15,000 litre steel tanks. To accommodate RSM expanded the tank base and altered the current pipework. Once the new tank install phase was complete RSM engineers pumped and filtered all fuel back into the new tanks and to back within refinery grade specification for both water and particulate.

Here’s what Nigel Watkinson at Scarborough Hospital had to say about the project delivery from RSM:

“RSM provided a safe, compliant, and on-time project at my site here at Scarborough Hospital. From the initial scope of works, the final official quote, all the way through to commission and handover of the new critical infrastructure; RSM were professional throughout. I could not be happier with both the service and result. I would recommend using RSM to others who are looking for a business to support them with their fuel systems and stored fuel.”