Tank cleaning

What is tank cleaning?

Tank cleaning is the process of removing any blockages and preventing contamination in fuel tanks. When tanks are not regularly maintained, harmful substances such as toxins and flammables can begin to build up which compromise the efficiency of the tanks and the quality of the fuel.

What kind of tanks does RSM clean?

RSM are industry leaders in the delivery of tank cleaning. We have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to clean all storage tank types, regardless of the material they are built from in many sectors across the breadth of the UK.

Why do I need to get my tank cleaned?

Tank cleaning:-

  • Reduces the risk of corrosion or damage
  • Removes the risk of contamination
  • Prevents damaging the efficiency of the vessels

A build-up of waste such as sludge inside an industrial tank could potentially block the tank’s outlet. Blockages effectively mean that tanks won’t work as efficiently as they should. Harmful substances in an uncleaned tank can also increase the risk of corrosion and damage, which could of course be costly.

How are tanks cleaned?

The way tanks are cleaned varies depending on a wide range of factors including material, location, size and more. We are working at height, confined space, Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) and asbestos awareness trained. This means that our staff are fully qualified to enter tanks safely and that they have the knowledge and experience to internally clean above ground and below ground fuel storage tanks.

Why should I use RSM for my tank cleaning?

We have years of experience in tank maintenance and cleaning in many diverse sectors, and have successfully cleaned tanks for customers in power generation, hospitals, prisons, data centres, gas, electric and water environments. We are a member of the Water Jetting Association, OFTEC and UK Spill & Ireland Association, which means we have exactly the right partnerships and experience to deal with any tank cleaning project.

Get in touch with RSM today to speak to one of our experienced team about your tank cleaning needs.