About Us

Helping customers mitigate the risks associated with stored liquid fuel that’s used for critical diesel applications.

We’re a dynamic and transparent operator who want to support businesses in their crucial fuel and infrastructure space.

Whether it’s fuel or power related, we want to engage with customers and help them on their journey to meeting the highest HSE standards. We make sure that have the required information to make an informed decision on how to manage their assets.

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RSM believe passionately in the safe, transparent, and progressive management of critical infrastructure. This includes all forms of liquid fuels, the critical infrastructure that support those fuels and the maintenance processes used to mitigate the risk of failure due to quality issues.

Innovative Solutions

RSM have a wide range of capabilities that are not unique to the critical uptime space. This means we can engage with customers across a number of issues spanning various environments. This includes, but is not limited to, feasibility reports when planning a major project, complex risk assessments and method statements, bespoke project management covering a varied package of services.

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If you need fuel maintenance services, please contact us.