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Emergency Fuel Delivery

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Looking for a reliable fuel supplier?

We are a registered dealer in fuel oils, and we provide a wide variety of services nationwide, ensuring that you get access to our range of products in just a few hours!

Here at Respond Fuels we are passionate about providing 24/7 UK nationwide assistance to those who require it the most. We have a range of versatile delivery vehicles with the capability to reach you within a matter of hours. Visibility of tank capacity and volume levels is crucial to any business that rely or use liquid fuels. But this isn’t always available and RSM regularly help business gain a quick emergency supply of a range of fuels:

Image of fuel being tested

Class A2 Gasoil

Image of a fuel tank in a garden

Gasoil for heating

Truck driver in Front of His Truck Preparing For Diesel Fueling

EN590 Diesel

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We work hard every day to ensure that we can source large stocks of quality fuels at the best prices to pass these savings on to our customers, so you can ensure that you get the best prices around.

We have emergency capabilities when it comes to out of hours or night-time supply of emergency requirements, and we guarantee an effective and speedy response to ensure that the emergency fuel is delivered to you in a matter of hours. We understand how strongly our customers rely on fuel and lubricants to operate day to day, so our team are dedicated to ensuring that your business is back up and running no matter where you’re located, with a round-the-clock service! Over the years our team at RSM have developed a strong wealth of knowledge when it comes to the fuel maintenance industry, offering services to businesses nationwide, the public sector and even the NHS, supporting them throughout challenging times.

Call us today to get today’s latest prices and one of our team will be more than happy to assist you in all your fuel needs and requirements!

Why choose Respond Fuels as your nationwide fuel supplier?

  • Round-the-clock delivery service: No matter what time, day, or location we will guarantee delivery to you as soon as possible. If your business requires fuel outside of the normal working hours, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call Respond Fuels today. We deliver to all UK locations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • A wide variety of fuels available: Whether you need Class A2 Gasoil, Industrial heating oil, Kerosene or even EN590 Diesel, we are here to offer you a same day emergency delivery service.
  • Flexibility with hard-to-reach locations: We do everything in our power to offer fuel delivery of our full range of fuels nationwide, regardless of location we have tankers with the ability to be able to reach you as quickly as possible.

Here at Respond Fuels, we work hard every day to ensure that we can source large stocks of quality fuels at the best prices to pass these savings on to our customers, so you can ensure that you get the best prices around. No matter what your requirements may be! If you run out of fuel, call us on 03303 200744 anytime day or night. Our friendly and approachable staff are willing to help regardless of what your situation is, we know that excellent customer service starts with great communication so let us help you today.

When you need fuel fast, Respond fuels will be sure to respond to you as quickly as possible!

Q. Can I use red diesel?

As you may have noticed red diesel has been in the spotlight recently due to the government’s proposed changes. On the 1st of April 2022 a significant number of users and applications that use red diesel, will no longer be able to use Class A2 Gasoil. 

Red diesel is used by a variety of industries and there is strict legislation surrounding the use of red diesel. So, you may be wondering what vehicles can use red diesel after the change. There are some exempt vehicles meaning that they will still be able to use red diesel for example: tractors, agricultural vehicles, gritters, cranes, bulldozers, rail transport vehicles, fuel for non-commercial purposes and vehicles for forestry work. As beneficial as this will be for the environment it is going to leave a lot of sectors and industries confused and unsure of whether they will be affected, many will lose the eligibility to use red diesel and they will have to look at alternative options. If you are unclear about whether your business is exempt, contact us on 01422 291277 for some free and friendly advice.

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