Preventative Maintenance

Fuel Polishing

Water is heavier than oil so naturally the vast majority of contamination is found in the bottom 10% of fuel storage tanks. Typically, this contamination is made up of particulate, free-standing water and sludge. RSM stand to remove this contamination as part of our fuel polishing service. We certify upon completion that the material left in the tank is polished to ISO 4406 EN590 standards.

Tank Cleaning

We are industry leaders in the delivery of tank cleaning. WE have repeatedly demonstrated our ability to clean all storage tank types, regardless of the material they are built from. We have successfully cleaned tanks for customers across all industries. These include power generation, hospitals, prisons, data centres, gas, electric and water environments.

We have a depth of knowledge born from the years’ experience of tank maintenance and cleaning. We are a member of the Water Jetting Association, OFTEC and UK Spill & Ireland Association, along with a raft of other relevant trade associations which means we have exactly the right partnerships and experience to deal with any tank cleaning project. 

Additive Dosing

Once fuel is polished, or even delivered new, it’s clear that prolonging the lifecycle of the fuel has significant benefits. In order to do this, dosing clean and ISO certified fuel is required in order to mitigate the risk (and cost) associated with both failure and preventive maintenance. In terms of appropriate additives, RSM have a number of options available in our comprehensive range of dosing additives

RSM Additive dosing

Maintenance Contracts

We believe prevention is better than cure, as a business we therefore advocate routine and scheduled maintenance programmes. Preventive maintenance is not a unique obligation to the issue of fuel and infrastructure husbandry, but it is often overlooked until it is too late. RSM look to engage with customer and first truly understand the potential risks to their business. Through consultation we propose bespoke maintenance programmes over anything between 12 and 36-month periods.
Our comprehensive range of services means we support customers and establish a schedule of services which mitigate the risk of failure due to both fuel quality and infrastructure failure. To find out how we can support your business on a contractual basis, contact the team today.

Pipework remediation and testing

As the UK supercharges itself to a net zero landscape then
pipework alterations, installations & testing have arguably never been as important. As product and infrastructure start to adjust to the change, we have environmental duty to ensure our systems are compliant, safe, and working efficiently. RSM have the inhouse capabilities to help customers manage the transition into a greener space. We successfully deliver projects for a wide
range of clients, our direct skill set means we can support customers with new pipework installations, pipework upgrade/modifications and pressure/NDT testing services.

In line with the recent supplement written about containment
systems used for the prevention of pollution, RSM can also help clients ensure that those who have equipment and tanks (that in turn require secondary containment) have a secure management plan in place. Our maintenance contracts typically comprise services such as integrity testing, bund testing and the
control of any pipework passing through secondary containment e.g. (leak detection systems on double skin pipework).

We are experts in the installation, removal and ongoing
management of pipework designed to contain liquid hydrocarbons. 

RSM Additive dosing

If you need fuel maintenance services, please contact us.

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Respond, Service & Maintain

Environmental Consultancy

Protecting your staff, your environment and reputation is vital. That’s why we regularly engage with businesses across the UK to help them maintain that crucial level of protection.

If we can help, we will. And with a plethora of expertise and strong partnerships we likely will be able to support. Get in touch with our team to discover more about what consultancy services we offer.